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Daily Dilbert

Need your users to visit your portal everyday? Try adding a Dilbert comic strip.


Open Source Projects


RavenDB High Performance

RavenDB is an exciting technology that challenges developers to reconsider their old ways of thinking about databases. In this day and age, Internet-scale applications require this fresh perspective. RavenDB High Performance moves beyond the basics and guides you through building scalable applications using the rich features and extensibility of RavenDB.



CQRS: Command/Query Responsibility Segregation

A scalable pattern for building large multi-user system.

Scaling Out .NET

Scale Out your .NET applications by leveraging IIS7, AppFabric, Web Farm Framework, and Web Deploy.

Document Databases & RavenDB

Learn about NoSQL, Document Databases, and RavenDB: a 2nd Generation Document Database.

IIS Always-On Services

Simplify your enterprise by standardizing on the IIS application server for both Web & Windows Services.

Extending the Enterprise with MEF

Building extensibility into your enterprise apps with the Managed Extensibility Framework.